It was 1974 in Lexington, Kentucky at a friend’s home. I was on leave after Basic Training (my second, having done my first in 1965.) For some strange reason I decided on a short visit to my Dad up in South Bend, Indiana where I had been raised. Prior to heading out, I took advantage of my friend’s stereo system and made my first-ever 8-track tapes of music for the trip. I guess this was about a 5-hour drive at night.

Well, I wasn’t all that great at making audio tapes. All went well until one of the tapes suddenly blared out a song. It woke me up – while I was in the left lane passing a semi!!!

So Dad and I got to see each other. It was our last time. He had things to talk about and it would have been horrible for him if I had not made it. And it was such a help to me to hear what he had to say.