Bad habit I enjoy

I basically listen to podcasts twice a day–while eating breakfast and supper which is 30-45 minutes each session. I know it’s much better too be attentive to the food, but I’m not there yet. To make matters worse, I actually play Solitaire on my computer at the same time. There are a few podcasts that I listen to at other times with more concentration and note-taking (Some casts produce transcripts which are great for review)

How I manage podcasts

I use gPodder gPodder: Media aggregator and podcast client) to gather audio podcasts. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. In Preferences I choose VLC Media Player to play the podcasts, because it can save the playlist with the time where I stopped if I am unable to finish. I use Linux, but gPodder is available for Windows and Mac. Here is a screenshot from gPodder’s website - not showing my list of audio choices, although in the past I’ve listened to “The Moth” and “Radio Lab” and enjoyed both:


How I listen in segments to long podcasts

I mentioned earlier that I use VLC to play podcasts so that I can mark stopping points.

  • Stop play
  • Ctrl-B to open Edit Bookmarks
  • Click Create
  • Media/Save Playlist to File
  • To restart later, click on the saved file, Ctrl-B for the Bookmarks, and click on the bookmark to go where you left off.


My podcast choices