I shopped for groceries as usual on Friday. When I pulled in to park, someone pulled in nose to nose with me. I looked, but couldn’t see the person inside the car when I got out. The pharmacy opened about the time I’d finished, so I picked up my prescriptions prior to getting the frozen food. Checking out went quickly and wheeling away I checked for the prescriptions. I couldn’t find them, so I asked the man who had packed the groceries if he’d seen them. He hadn’t, so I looked around again, didn’t find them and began to worry. A woman who works there asked me what was wrong and I told her fairly loudly as she was a little distance from me. I heard a soft voice trying to get my attention. It was a woman at another counter saying she’d seen someone trying to find the owner of a prescription bag and then taking it to the pharmacy. I thanked her and went to fetch it, much relieved to have it in hand. The lady was still at the check out when I headed for the door, so I thanked her again telling her I had it.

I was putting my bags in the trunk when I saw that woman heading my way in the parking lot with her cart. We spoke again briefly, both happy about the outcome. She went to that car which was parked nose to nose to mine. I put my cart in the designated spot some distance from my car and wondered about her doing the same since she had seemed to have some difficulty walking, but I was slow to process whether or not to ask if she wanted help. When I got back to my car I had decided and offered to return her cart. She thanked me and by the time I got back, she was in her car and on her way. That’s when it struck me that she was the one who had rolled in and parked at the same time I did. And then we left at the same time, too, after having that interaction. We were in that place together from start to finish.

I felt uplifted, like God was right in the middle of the whole thing touching both of us, through each of us. I pondered if there was a message besides the big blessing I’d received. “Wake up. Pay attention,” was what came to me.